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There are two different kinds of membership available, individual and institutional membership.

Individual Membership
Individual Membership is for individuals who support the concept of ombuds in higher education and the objectives of ENOHE. The yearly membership fee is 100€ which is payable via invoice. Individual members are entitled to attend and vote at the General Assembly meeting.

Institutional Membership
Institutional Membership is available at the request of ombuds offices with multiple employees. The institution must provide names and contact information for each employee who will be included in the institutional membership.

The institution must designate one person as its “voting member”. Only this individual is entitled to vote at any meeting or election and shall be eligible to stand for election to the Board. The yearly membership fee is 150€ for up to 5 persons and 300€ for 6-10 persons, payable by invoice.

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Only applicable for institutional memberships. Please write full names and e-mails of additional members included in your institutional membership. Important: please also note which of your members you want to have electability and voting rights at ENOHE general assemblies. These rights can only be assigned to one person under each institutional membership.

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