07. September 2021

Pre-conference videopresentation by our Portugese Ombuds colleagues

If you haven’t registered for this year’s conference yet, please remember that registration closes on 14. SeptemberRegister here.

In the meantime, our Portugese Ombuds colleagues Berta Batista and Jorge Pereira have been asked by the Programme Planning Committee to share their thoughts inspired by this year’s conference theme “Looking Forward: The Role of the Ombuds in Post-COVID Recovery”.

In their presentation ‘Scholar dropout – how to identify the risk of and how to follow this phenomenon’ Pereira and Batista address the complex topic of students dropping out and how the Ombuds function can assist institutions in installing preventive measures.

A big thank you to Berta Batista and Jorge Pereira for taking the time to produce this video for all of us to enjoy!

We hope their presentation (and perhaps another quick glimpse at our programme) will inspire you to start contemplating the Ombuds role in a post-COVID world. We really look forward to hearing all your insightful reflections during the conference in a few weeks.

You can download their paper and watch the video presentation below.

Download paper

09. August 2021

Conference programme and registration form now available

The 2021 ENOHE/ACCUO conference is getting closer. This years’s theme is: “Looking Forward: The Role of the Ombuds in Post-COVID Recovery”.

Now the full conference programme is available! You will find it here. Click on each session’s title letter to be brought to the corresponding abstract or click here to go directly to the abstracts.

The registration form is also open.

These are a few pointers to what you could consider, before you open the link to fill out the registration form:

  • Go through the programme and decide which parallel sessions you want to participate in
  • Think about which way you want to pay registration fee (via PayPal or by bank transfer)

After you have filled out the form, you will receive a PayPal link and/or invoice from our treasury as soon as possible.

We are accepting registrations until 14. september.

Looking very much forward to seeing you online in September!

18. May 2021

ENOHE/ACCUO Conference 2021 update: Call for papers and new event pages

Call for papers:

We are now calling for papers for the ENOHE/ACCUO Conference 2021. Find all information here. Deadline to submit papers is 30 June 2021 at 1700 CEST

Event pages:

We have created two new event pages for the two conference days, which will continuously be updated with the newest information.

You can find the event page for day 1 here and the event page for day 2 here.

22. April 2021



The ENOHE Conference this year will be online, and will be offered jointly with ACCUO, the Canadian network, on Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 September 2021.  Timings and conference outline will follow in due course; meantime, please SAVE THE DATE!  

The call for papers will be sent out in May.  Please feel free to forward this email to colleagues who might be interested in attending or offering a paper.  If you are not yet on our mailing list, or have any questions, please contact us.