“A new year, a new [ab]normal: Adapting to Covid in the new academic year”: ENOHE Webinar

ENOHE held its second Covid-related webinar in December 2020. Participants were invited to an online conversation to consider the effects of COVID-19 on their work as an Ombuds, and to look at how their institutions are adapting to ‘the new [ab]normal’.

ENOHE’s first webinar in Covid-times took place in early summer 2020 when Higher Education was facing unprecedented and disruptive changes. Over the summer we hoped for a return to near-normal in the new academic year – but then the second wave broke. 

In the webinar, short presentations from four speakers from four different countries (Greece, Romania, England, Canada) focus on the adaptations they have made to enable higher education to continue – and some positive changes which have come about as a result of new approaches. 

Following this there is a discussion on what is happening at our institutions around the world: How Covid has affected our roles and our work as an Ombuds, what new approaches we have developed for our work and if there are any positive developments where we would not wish to return to the ‘old normal’.

This ENOHE forum was for sharing and comparing our experiences. It gave us opportunities to learn from, network with and generate ideas from among our colleagues. In addition to ENOHE members from all corners of Europe, we welcomed participants from USA, Canada, South Africa and South America.

Watch the webinar below: