ENOHE Member Csaba Laszlo Dégi elected as President of the European Cancer Organisation, joins ENOHE International Relations Committee

Dr. Csaba Laszlo Dégi, the first ombudsman at Babeș-Bolyai University (BBU) in Cluj Napoca, Romania, and a member of ENOHE (European Network of Ombuds in Higher Education) since 2020, since then participating actively in ENOHE webinars and conferences, was recently elected as the new President of the European Cancer Organisation (ECO) in Brussels.

He is a full professor and researcher at the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work of the said university, a licensed principal social worker with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work as well as a doctorate in medical psychology.

When Csaba was researching different models for his role as the BBU’s first ombuds, he was particularly impressed by the work of ENOHE, which focuses on specialised ombuds services and guided him in setting up the ombuds service there.

Csaba, born in 1979, speaks Hungarian, Romanian, English, and German.

Recently, Csaba joined the newly established International Relations Committee (IRC) of ENOHE.

This new committee within the new governance structure will support the association in promoting the idea and concept of the ombuds service through a variety of activities. The chair of the new committee, ENOHE’s former president and now presidential advisor Josef Leidenfrost, expressed his gratitude that Csaba has joined this group and thus will contribute to the development of ENOHE’s goals with his personal experience in international networking.

The ENOHE International Relations Committee will start its daily work soon, with preparing focal points for the ENOHE 2024 Annual Conference in Covilhã, Portugal and the ENOHE Strategic Plan 2026-2030, in this supporting the ENOHE Presidency and Board.