ENOHE is the European Network of Ombuds in Higher Education. It consists of ombuds of higher education institutions all over the world.

ENOHE is an association and an informal network for ombuds in higher education to learn from each other, to help implement good governance at higher education institutions and create a more solid base for the ombud function in higher education.

ENOHE aims to:

  • Share approaches to common problems in higher education
  • Expand knowledge and compare working methods
  • Enhance skills and develop competences
  • Learn from each other

The Statutes of the European Network of Ombuds in Higher Education (ENOHE) were first adopted by the Business Meeting in Edinburgh 7 June, 2018. The latest revision of the Statutes was adopted by the General Assembly on 15 June 2023. You can find the Statutes below:

The General Assembly approved these election regulations of members of the Board of ENOHE at extraordinary general assembly meeting 11 December 2023:

The Board of ENOHE from time to time decides regulations for the day-to-day association work. See regulations that have been decided so far here:

Financial Committee has agreed on this Finance Manual on Reimbursements / Expenses:

Also read the association’s privacy information here.