The members of the Board of ENOHE are:

Jean Grier, President
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Ursula Meiser, Vice-president
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Thomas Rypka, Treasurer
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Bo Gad Køhlert, Elected Secretary
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Josef Leidenfrost, Presidential Advisor
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Michaela Antonin Malanikova
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Jorge António Ribeiro Pereira
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Pelin Zenginoğlu
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The Board’s Financial Committee is:

  • Jean Grier, President
  • Ursula Meiser, Vice-president
  • Thomas Rypka, Treasurer

The ENOHE Secretariat is:

  • Bo Gad Køhlert, Elected Secretary
  • Thomas Rypka, Treasurer
  • Anna-Katharina Rothwangl, Permanent Administrative Officer
  • Stine Lerche Øilo
  • Jonas Wedel-Brandt

The Board of ENOHE collaborates on a monthly basis with senior members of the following other associations for Ombuds in higher education: