All Dutch Universities will have an Ombuds in 2021

All 14 Dutch universities are going to have an Ombuds office for personnel as of 1st July 2021.

This was agreed on by all parties in the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities 2020. The decision was based on the results of the final evaluation of the Ombuds role pilot.

You can read more about the decision and implementation here.

The universities are to set up the university Ombuds office at their own institutions with some local variations, but all based on national framework.

About the value of the Ombuds, ENOHE member Lies Poesiat said this in an interview last year:

“Ombudsmen can prevent legal escalation and prevent complaints developing into unnecessary prolonged labour conflict resulting in absenteeism due to illness.”

Read the full interview with ENOHE member Lies Poesiat here.