ENOHE Members Participate in FCO/ACCUO Conference

ENOHE members, Anna-Katharina Rothwangl and Jorge A. Ribeiro Pereira, participated online in the 2022 FCO/ACCUO conference “Together Again: Strengthening Ombuds Practice through Connectedness and Inclusion”.

Anna-Katharina and Jorge did a presentation entitled, Student Ombudsperson and Student Representation: What Cooperation is Possible?

In their presentation they compared the Austrian and Portuguese higher education and Ombuds systems and identified the different levels of cooperation within each country, as well as pointed out their experiences cooperating with student representatives.

During the following discussion it was noticeable that the attendants were keen and prone to reflect on the topic and compare it to their own practices.

The cooperation between Student Ombuds and student representatives is also high on the agenda within ENOHE these years.