8th World Conference on Research Integrity (WCRI) 2024 in Athens

As one of the media partners of the 8th World Conference on Research Integrity (WCRI) 2024, ENOHE is happy to pass this conference information on:

The World Conferences on Research Integrity Foundation convenes the 8th WCRI in Athens, Greece, from 2 to 5 June 2024.

With a rich conference programme of 180 oral presentations and 353 poster presentations, six pre conference workshops, six plenary sessions, and many renowned speakers, delegates can anticipate an enriching experience that spans many topics and disciplines. The posters will be pitched during the lively poster walks.

The biennial WCRIs bring together leading experts from diverse fields to discuss both challenges to, and developments in, research integrity. The conference will be a hybrid event with a programme that includes a mix of research findings, reflections and policy development.

Read more about the conference, registration, etc. here.

The WCRIs cater for all disciplinary fields, professional ranks, and career stages, and involve all stakeholders in research integrity, including universities, research institutes, research funders, publishers, and governments. The WCRIs take a strong view on ethnic, gender, geographical, disciplinary and career stage diversity, and ensure that this is reflected in the programme, the keynote speakers, the committee members, and the participants. Special attention to early career professionals is given through the organization of a doctoral forum, workshops, and meet-the-expert sessions for them during the conference.

These conferences typically produce an influential policy statement, and the 8th WCRI is no different. This year’s Athens Statement will be about “Catalysing the translation of research into trustworthy policy and innovation” and encapsulates the conference’s dedication to fostering a seamless bridge between research and its real-world impact. This theme extends the research integrity focus from the research performing organisations to industry, and to policymaking. It emphasises the pivotal role research integrity should play in shaping trustworthy policies and driving innovation, and underscores the imperative not only to generate groundbreaking discoveries, but to actively facilitate their translation into policies and innovations that benefit society.

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