Thursday 11 April 2013


Parallel Session Ia – Early and Effective Dispute Resolution


Jenna Brown – “Early is better, anytime is fine”

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Lin Inlow – “A Retrospective:  Eighteen Years of Managing Conflict in The University System of Georgia”

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Jim Wohl – “Employee Disputes in Large Public Research Universities in the US”

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Parallel Session Ib


Wolf Hertlein – “Approaches to Complaint Management at German Universities”

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Lies Poesiat – “How to improve the necessary ombudsman skills: the Dutch experience”

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Friday 12 April 2013

Early bird session I


Hilary Jones & Steven du Crôs – “Social networking and its impact on student complaints”

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Parallel Session IIa – Ombudsmen Mandates


Dr Jorge Ulises Carmona Tinoco – “27 years of academic ombudsing at the National Autonomous University of Mexico”

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Parallel Session IIb – Engaging Users


Maxine Evers, Dr Sally Varnham, Patty Kamvounias, Bronwyn Olliffe & Professor Anite Stuhmcke – “Different country, different hemisohere – same challenges: the student and the Australian University”

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Plenary Session I


Professor Janet Beer & Rachel Wenstone – “Putting students at the heart of the system”

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Parallel Session IIIa – Ombudsmen Skills-set


Dr Cliff Picton – “Alternative Dispute Resolution in the rights-based era of university education”

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Susanna Reece, Carolyn Hirst & Craig Cathcart – “Alternative approaches to dispute resolution: developing the skill-set”

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Parallel Session IIIb – Engaging Users


Dr Doris Kiendl-Wender – “The effect of student participation in quality assurance on student complaints”

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Chris Taylor – “Student engagement in quality assurance”

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Parallel Session IVa – Ombudsmen Skills-set


David Palfreyman – “International students, higher education and immigration rules”

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Anne Lee – “Cases relating to international students: the challenges of managing expectations and cross-cultural sensitivity”

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Parallel Session IVb – Engaging Users


Rob Behrens – “Changing higher education through better complaints handling”

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Liz Buckton, Liz Larkin, Denise Williams & Jill Wilson – “Pathway 3 Early Resolution Pilots”

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Plenary Session II


Sir Alan Langlands – “Short-term opportunities and medium-term challenges in higher education”

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Saturday 13 April 2013


Early Bird Session II


Ana Hernanz Escobar, Dr Enriqueta Arias, Dr Elia Cambón Crespo, Carmen Jiménez Salcedo & Dr Isabel Hernández – “The role and remit of the Spanish ombudsman”

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Parallel Session Va – Ombudsmen Mandates


Felicity Mitchell – “The role of the courts: who watches the watchers?”

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Professor G R Evans – “Disputes about academic judgment: has anything really changed?”

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Parallel Session Vb – Engaging Users


Natalie Sharpe and Kristen Robillard – “Calm in the midst if a storm of student complaints: adopting standards of practice to navigate safely in difficult times”

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Nancy Chamberland and Dr Spencer Boudreau – “The 2012 Maple Spring in Quebec: the role of the ombudsman in dispute resolution”

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Towards a Conclusion


Dr Argimiro Rojo Salgado – “Thoughts and proposals relating to the creation of a worldwide network of university ombudsmen”

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